Due to introduction of Excise Tax on 1st October 2017 and Value Added Tax Law on 1st January 2018 in UAE, we are very excited to open our first international office in Dubai.


Value Added Tax

The much-expected law on VAT was introduced across the UAE on 1st January 2018. The tax rate is one of the lowest in the world fixed at 5% and will apply to the majority of transactions of goods and service. There will be some exceptions including some basic food items, healthcare and education, whereas electronics goods, cars, jewellery, eating out and entertainment will be under the burden of the new Value Added Tax Law.

For companies whose have never been exposed or have limited experience with taxation the introduction of VAT in 2018 will be a great challenge.

That’s why we have decided to overcome this challenge and provide our services and experience to UAE clients.

We are privileged to help our UAE clients and prepare them for VAT. We will do this by assessing, implementing and complying with the new VAT legislation using our experience and knowledge of the European market.

We will be offering

  1. VAT implementation
  2. VAT return filling services
  3. VAT registration
  4. VAT advisory

Excise Tax

The Excise Tax in the UAE is effective from 1st October 2017. There are three categories of goods that are subject to this law.

  1. Carbonated Drinks at the rate of 50%
  2. Energy Drinks at the rate of 100%
  3. Tobacco at the rate of 100%

All producers, importers, stockpilers of Excise goods and warehouse keepers responsible for excise goods should be registered for Excise Tax in the UAE.

We will be offering

  1. Excise Tax registration
  2. Excise Tax advisory